Driving the Future


This is one of an ongoing series of suggestions for alternative communications by President Trump: Here’s today’s idea. Please feel free to use @realDonaldTrump.

“We live in a time of almost unimaginable change, both in terms of substance and velocity. In this age of uncertainty, we must be disciplined and vigilant. Change is good; it propels humanity forward. But we must also be aware of unintended consequences brought about by this change. As a government, we must double down on two of our core responsibilities: integration and foresight. Our role as an integrator is to ensure that our agencies are able to work seamlessly together so that a lone operator doesn’t steer us in the wrong direction. An additional role —and one where we frankly are lacking — is forward planning and risk management. We must get better at acknowledging and responding to complexity. We cannot be complacent or assume the way we used to do things is the way we should continue to do things. This kind of change requires courage, but I am convinced that the universe rewards courage by removing obstacles.

“So today I am taking two initial steps to help us better address our future. First, I am demanding that my cabinet expand its responsibilities to better manage integration across all federal agencies. Going forward, this will be one of the cabinet’s primary job responsibilities, and I will demand results. In that vein, I am accepting today the resignations of the Secretaries of Commerce, Transportation and Defense, with their successors to be announced within the week. I have also liberated John Bolton from his duties as national security advisor and wish him well in his future endeavors.

“Second, I am adding a new cabinet position, Secretary of Change. This position will be responsible for running a lean team comprised of leaders from the private sector as well as forward-leaning federal agencies such as the NSA. The Secretary of Change will be responsible for identifying threats and opportunities and effectively driving solutions through a partnership between the public and private sectors. The scope of this new position will be both immediate and long-term threats and opportunities. It will be focused in particular on the rapidly growing role of technology in everything from our economy to national defense. I’m pleased to announce that Eric Schmidt, the former executive chairman of Alphabet, will be assuming this new role.

“My primary job is to make America safe, prosperous and free. These actions will allow us all to work toward those goals more effectively.”


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