We approach each one

excited and proud —

hydrants with caps of

green and orange,

waiting to be flushed,

exorcised of rust,

effluvium and an

infinite number of


then examined and oiled.


Mute and present



After a time,

conversation –


flowing from exhilaration,

arcs of

arcane, topical logic —

“When the Weinstein story

came out Scorpio was ascending,

which governs the reproductive organs.”


On that warm fall morning,

in a strange Southern place,

you realize that

wisdom & knowledge are everywhere –

you find light in the

strangest of places –

and that we are all

interconnected in a

glowing, breathing,

translucent continuum

of love.


We hold each other up,

aces back to back.

Names known,

we get to know each other,

testing, listening, watching –

we have small, different ways,

but are patient

with each other’s


The water,

like love surging from

the center

of the universe,

explodes from the spout

in high white arcs

blowing away loose pine bark,

refracting a rainbow,

spilling into a pond.


A friendship formed

around water, sun,

earth, fire

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