First Day On the Job


Setting: Hip editor (NYT, RS, VF) unfortunately but predictably (given even a cursory glance of the standard literature on pathological disorders) falls from grace. His rebound job is Editor/Publisher of “The Costco Connection (A Magazine For Costco Members.”) Here are his notes on the first monthly editorial budget sent up for his review.

“Really busy, I just have 9 points:

  1. Re: the cover story on Sullenberger – OK, Sully, the Hero of the Hudson, US Airways pilot extraordinaire, Eastwood tie-in, etc. Just want to make sure this piece isn’t going in some mawkish direction – you know, Sully/Superman-type stuff. So can we make Sully a silicone doll figure? That way, people can do selfies like “Look who just flew in.” We would blow up Instagram!
  1. That thumb-sucker on the benefits of hiring special needs employees was an awesome display of well-informed advocacy journalism. I get it! But could we spice it up a little? Maybe a Go-Pro on one of the “special needs?” Might be something Fallon would highlight in his monologue.
  1. “Celebrating Chocolate” – Hell yeah! Well done!
  1. The review on Paulo Coelho’s book, “The Spy” – remind me, he’s the guy that wrote “The Alchemist,” right? I like this – how many do we sell off the review? Do we pay for these reviews?
  1. When I read this review of Meryl Streep’s new movie, “Florence,” I thought it was her last movie where she sang rock and roll! But what am I saying, Meryl can play anyone. This will open strong, don’t you think? Would Meryl be a better cover than Sully?
  1. Matt Damon’s return as Jason Bourne? Drop the mic! Let’s put Matt on the cover!
  1. The food feature on sheet pan meals was cute, but a little quaint. Have you heard about that guy in the Valley who’s synthesized the perfect food – you only need 3 glasses a day, nothing else. Let’s check him out!
  1. King Crab legs for breakfast? I don’t think so! Spiked.
  1. Feature on how to survive the “Holiday Roller Coaster” was awesome! Do you think we could tie cannabis into this piece? Legal pot just passed by a landslide in Cali, this is an emerging market and we need to get serious about capturing it!

Otherwise the book is looking awesome!

Well done!



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