Predictions For The Fiftieth Anniversary

These are pretty funny, and some of them may be true.

Thoughts on the Dead

  • The box set will be an actual set of boxes. They are sturdy and reliable; they can be used for shipping or storage; they have nothing to do with the Dead; they will cost $500.
  • One of the reasons the tour is happening is that Billy needs to get off that island for a while. It’s not the driving force, but it’s a passenger in the car.
  •  Mickey inserts a demand for four flagons of mead in the rider and when anyone tries to inform his that the four nice cups with honeyed beer is exactly what he ordered, he refuses to go on.
  • One of Garcia’s replacements will be a Baldwin brother, most likely Steven or the brother they don’t mention, Big Doug.
  • Azaelia Banks will start a Twitter beef with Phil, who will have no idea what is going on.
  • Phil will be accused of cis-normalization on Tumblr…

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